Toe dipping the blog world

I have been dipping my toe into the blog world for many a year now. Reading a myriad of blogs that have enabled me to arm chair travel across the globe with my various friends, expand my somewhat limited photography and photoshop skills, brush up on whimsical dinner party topics, and indulge in the delectable works of some of my more word savvy friends.

Until today I’ve dared not venture further than the safety of the blogging rock pool. Afraid of being thrust into the deep blue of the blogging sea, exposed to the wide open jaws of internet sharks. Instead I have been content for my perusal to go unnoticed. I guess in part for fear of my content going unnoticed – something possibly worse than the jagged bite of a plethora of commentologist!

The inevitable shove off the edge of the jetty has come in the form of my online media lecturer. Giving me that needed shove to get over my hesitation to take the leap… And although I’ve been apprehensive, it hasn’t been anywhere near as scary as I’d imagined. In fact, I am already clambering back up the wooden steps ready to post again!

So, over the next few weeks as part of my second assessment for Online Public Relations and Communication – one of my Master of Communication (PR) elective units – I will be blogging about various topics related to the field of online public relations. Come join me on my journey…